Help obesity now | Success Stories
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Success Stories

Success Stories

“Bariatric surgery helped me lose 110 pounds. Hearing my husband say ‘I got my wife back’ helps me to keep it off. This is my story.”

– Kelly Yarris, Yaphank, New York

“I looked at a picture from a business meeting and hated myself. All 242 pounds of me stuffed into a size 22 red dress. I was killing everything important to me so I finally said: ‘Okay Kelly, enough!’ and I went to Brookhaven Hospital and met with Dr. Anoosh and his staff in Bariatrics. Suddenly, I had a team of experts on my side and something more important: Hope that I could get better. After surgery, everyone stuck by me… putting together dietary programs, getting me into support groups, and answering every call. I’ve never been happier – and neither has my husband!”

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