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Register for a seminar

Register for a seminar

Please do NOT include any personal health information.

If you have attended an In-Person Seminar, or completed our Online Weight Loss Surgery Seminar, you are ready to schedule your consult! Please fill out the form below in full and one of our office staff will contact you to schedule your appointment.

If you have not attended an In-Person Seminar or completed our Online Seminar, please do one of those first.

Seminars are an integral part of your weight loss journey. It is crucial you are educated on each of your surgical options, understand the benefits and risks for each procedure, and are willing to comply with the follow-up schedule for the procedure you choose.
If you are interested in a surgical weight loss procedure, you must attend an in-person seminar or completeu or online seminar before you schedule an appointment with Dr. Anoosh. Our in-person seminars last approximately two hours, with time for questions and answers. Once you complete the seminar you will schedule your first visit with our office.You can register for a seminar here:
Fill out my online form.